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The Legends



   Goddess Harati

We decided to name our hotel Harati because it stands a stone's throw from Swayambhu's hill and Harati's most revered shrine. Here too, in the midst of Kathmandu's old city, we have recreated a secret lower, our Garden of Secret delights an enclave of tranquility and serene beauty filled with flowers and the song of birds. hotel

Well-appointed rooms with air-conditioning and attached tiled baths lead   off hush-quit corridors. Double glazed windows ensure serenity reigns   within. A covered fern-filled stone patio leads, down into the Garden of  Secret Delights or, up into t -he SUPAKU, where our guests might enjoy the  finest and most, exotic delicacies Of the Celesti  al Kingdom.

Tucked into a quiet corner, we created LAKHIN not for children at all but a   haven for grown-ups, a chance to unwind with your favorite beverage in  dimly, lit privacy and ever so soft music.

Atop the complex, the roof Garden of Celeste Visions offers a panoramic view Of Swayambhu Hill and the City, while the Gods and Goddesses of the firmament peer between the potied story Of very earthly trees, shrubs and flowering plants. hotel

Come, venture into the magical wave of Harati's dreams. Let us show you

the celestial experience of a lifetime.


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